Entry NameStudentYear
~The Pattern Of The Water~ Shelby Ting 2023
Summer Sky Kayla Locke 2020
Dream Watcher Kayla Locke 2020
Dawn Girl Hannah Terry 2020
Singing Forest Lilleth McLachlan 2019
Mother Of Owls Lucy Clark 2019
Chandelier Light Reflection Shafin Mostafiz 2019
Blue Chelsea Papas 2019
Beauty Is Nature Erfan Yousofi 2019
Ballet In The Clouds Serena Tilocca 2019
Pancho Oie Jessica Keegan 2019
Mayday, Mayday Kane Allen 2019
The Great Hero "I DONT KNOW" Elizabeth Heldzingen 2019
A Lizard Of Technology Alicia Coleman 2019
Perspectives Jessica Carroll 2019
Fishing Joseph Smith 2019
Sunflower Jeffrey Johnson 2019
Veteran Jordan Proctor-Jones 2019
Hear Me Roar Declan Bowen 2019
Blue And Red Haoxi Zhou 2019
Beauty Of Nature Suhani Sharma 2019
Light In The Darkness Ramielle Lazar 2019
Verdant Rheannon Lazar 2019
Craig's Hut Colton Bowen 2019
Diversity Gemma Jain 2019
Journey Ryan Lazar 2019
Antagonist Bath Water (30 Euro A Piece) Elizabeth Kelly 2019
Abstract Landscape Finn Perry 2019
Where There Is Love, There Is Hope Merna Ibrahim 2019
Blooming Beauty Katrina Fu 2019
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