Entry NameStudentYear
Bunny Naomi Wicks 2019
Moon Girl Liliana Gaggiano 2019
Got The Whole World In My Hands Ashton Stovin 2019
Peace Keegan Jones 2019
Bossman Logan Visser 2019
Falling Levi Abbott 2019
Flowers Lilly Dedrick 2019
My Puppy Ilah-Jane Ogle 2019
Mystical Night Abbey Fulker 2019
Mystical Tree Kira Brolly 2019
Daydream Elin Oveisi 2019
Odette Jessie Van Loon 2019
Under The Sun Nawazish Khan 2019
Ninja Cameron Ross-egarr 2019
Late Night Light Zaeena Dimog 2019
Galaxy Girl Louisa Bath 2019
The Speed Of Light Pippa Hansen 2019
An Idea Of The Future Sylvia Leung 2019
Cedar Pocket Rock Pools Antonia Collins 2019
Taking Flight Caitlin Larue 2019
Sunset Painting Mikayla Wills 2019
Lily Of The Night April Crough 2019
A Portrait Of Me Leila Spataro 2019
Elf Crystal Mackender 2019
Portrait Sydney Lay 2019
Friends Chloe Henry 2019
My Late Nanna Vera (oil Paint) Bernadette O'brien 2019
Sea Life And Pollution Rushil Gundubilli 2019
Smoothie Ashlyn Mamachan 2019
Graveyard Ned Slicer 2019
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