Entry NameStudentYear
We Are The Golden Shore Annika Olden 2019
Breakout- I'm Free Ziggy Loss 2019
Portrait Of Sarah Sarah Fuller 2019
Rainbow Girl Levi Foster 2019
Galaxy Shine Amelia Zonruiter 2019
?? Naomi Cook 2019
Bird Alyssa Williamson 2019
Josh Joshua Anthony 2019
"Bee Kind" T. Olive 2019
"The Unlucky One" E. Clark 2019
Kenya Jackson Vetesi 2019
Punk Rock Archie Handyside 2019
Mother Lily-Elle Acworth 2019
The Rainbow-trooper Jack Derwent 2019
Mr Duck Zach Joffe 2019
Art On The Streets Teela Joffe 2019
Flower Life Alexander Ko 2019
Head In The Clouds Amelia Bannister 2019
Sunset Caleb Kwan 2019
Ely The Elephant Bailey Kelb 2019
Big Bros Jacob Thompson 2019
Media Art Elizabeth Piltz 2019
Optical Illusion Rusty Morris 2019
Sweet Celebration Anika Shukla 2019
Doppelmaw Lydia Xue 2019
Tie-dyed Flowers Alishbah Ahmad 2019
Companion Raisah Ahmed 2019
Pose For The Picture! Nancy (doanh) Trinh 2019
Prayer For Rain Danae Carlile 2019
The Hand Cassandra Treloar 2019
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