Entry NameStudentYear
Puzzles Spirit Derbyshire Mila Derbyshire 2019
The Cry Madeleine Paynter 2019
Paroxysm Pia Barraza-acuna 2019
Sunset Uluru Nina Diaz 2019
Drawing Of My Dog Rosy Siena Kung 2019
Perfection Mayuresan Muraleetharan 2019
Limitless Era Maddy Jacobsen 2019
Ballerina Cienna Chesterton 2019
Good People Eliza Davis 2019
Bugs In Nature Or Nature In Bugs? Sophie Ryan 2019
Washing Through Time Melissa Ang 2019
Sunrise Princess Ellie Bridger-darling 2019
Lightening Mountain Oscar Ross 2019
Dysphoria Kinda Sucks Alexander Tran 2019
Angel In The Clouds Emily Macdonald 2019
The Flower Sophia Slater 2019
A Girls Best Friend Ava Janison 2019
I Want My Food! Mackenzie Dwyer 2019
Ready For Battle Isabella Tabone 2019
Self Portrait Marlo Bellina 2019
I'm Harmless, I Swear. Madison Suckling 2019
Where Two Paths Meet Cindy Shen 2019
Still Life Jack Morris 2019
Sketch Of A Bird Phoebe Smith 2019
Paint Pouring Galaxy Evelyn Morris 2019
Anime Jett Horton 2019
Rainbow Crayons Lila Day 2019
Olivia’s Tattoo Design Olivia O’meara 2019
Memory Cove Emma Mcphail 2019
The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars Megan Green 2019
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