Entry NameStudentYear
Peril Daniel Dodd 2019
A Day In The Life At Mission Beach Jessica Ford 2019
Fizz And Fire Logan Zarganis 2019
View From Hotel Room Gabrielle Van Belkom 2019
Collage Rhiannon Van Belkom 2019
Photo Elijah Mccappin 2019
Night Flower Bella Hargreaves 2019
DRAT- Dragon Rat Aggressive Tiger Sam Charles 2019
Light Sacha Lawson 2019
Sunset Rise Imogen Keohane 2019
Self Portrait Bella Gianatti 2019
Sydney Laura Wall 2019
New Growth Ella Noble 2019
Depression Temeaisha-lee Martin 2019
Giraffe Lily Cooling 2019
The Dessert Mackenzie Ford 2019
Deep Sea Diving Lila Mckay 2019
A Sunset Gallop Alanah Fletcher 2019
What's Art Without The Earth? Mia Oliver 2019
The Red Heart Mason Vogels 2019
Flowers In School Yard Vuong Bao 2019
Australian Puddle On The Road Elsie Bree 2019
Winter Wonderland Marley Leatham 2019
EVERYDAY HEROS Nicholas Sorensen 2019
Picture Of A Flower Duong Dang 2019
Sky Whale Charlie Branagan 2019
No One's The Same Ashton Featherstonhaugh 2019
Magical Forest Hannah Graham 2019
Stitch Alexis Jones 2019
The Magic Kitchen Hayley Smith 2019
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