Entry NameStudentYear
Midnight Tree Evie Byrne 2019
Mystic Rose Siena Evans 2019
The Magic Of Happiness Emily Harch 2019
Wild Tiger Rishon Dsouza 2019
The Eye City Sanura Ariyawansa 2019
Poison Apple Jennifer Tassone 2019
Time Flies Melodie Hsiao 2019
Golden Harvest Madeleine French 2019
Broken Mikayla Thomas 2019
Together Flock Feathers Of Birds Amber Bright 2019
Bush Bird Valentina Evans 2019
Rainbow Day Dream Anneliese Musch 2019
Euphoria Megg Evans 2019
Robin Hood Janith Amarasinghe 2019
Avis Truth Sheera Uzice 2019
Chalk In Space Zoe Pexton 2019
Battle On Titan Charlie Towers 2019
Haunted House Lauren Gray 2019
Orange Iridescence Julia Cirjak 2019
The Last Laughter Izzy Eldridge-Betts 2019
Keanu Reeves Isabel Bartlett 2019
Hardstop Lucas Portrait Nasheed Hassanen 2019
The Paint Planet Ellie Slater 2019
Night Eyes In The City Rheeya Lal 2019
Lilgirl Brooke Roullier 2019
Sketch Justin Ferrand 2019
Naruto Maddison Hanley 2019
Peaceful River Xavier Joy 2019
Welcoming Jessie Foster 2019
The British Flag Lucas Cullen 2019
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