Entry NameStudentYear
The British Flag Lucas Cullen 2019
Family Annabelle Guest 2019
Dolphins Jumping Ishana Bawa 2019
Sydney Harbour Kieralee Clay 2019
Me And My Dog Hayley Few 2019
Singing Birds Jacob Leonard 2019
Core Of Life Aiden Baytie 2019
Blue Lara Moraitis 2019
Abstract Georgia Appleton 2019
Rainbow Harriet Appleton 2019
Happiness Tempe Appleton 2019
Benji Taj Stainsby 2019
The Abnormal Strawberry Ari Craig 2019
Volano Of Colourful Shapes Isobel Stockton 2019
Universal Cup Ava Wilson 2019
Lucy Hannah Collins 2019
The Living City Harrison Gagovski 2019
Elf Queen Shaniah Shepherd Croft’s 2019
More Than Magic Japji Sidhu 2019
Sunset In Malibu Kyah Wood 2019
Venom Fan Art Rhys Barrington 2019
The Rings Of Light Melody Shelton 2019
Tree Sketch Grace Smith 2019
Sunny Day At The Beach Crisitina Mallamace 2019
Pineapple Riah Morris 2019
Original Graphic Novel In Progress Atticus Jones 2019
Lady In The Forest Juliet Mangano 2019
Mother Earths Scars Lily Garth 2019
Too Much Strawberry Jam Stefan Nedeljkovic 2019
Peace Lily Tess O'Farrell 2019
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