Entry NameStudentYear
Light On Leaves Gabrielle O'brien 2019
I Love Cats Misha Iris Madge 2019
NH Navrin Hooklyn 2019
Mystical Cat Courtney Rehwinkel-Burns 2019
Tshawn Tshawn Mercy 2019
Funky House Jack Bissaker 2019
Oliver Oliver Hartnett-ball 2019
Dragons Michael Hickson 2019
Skull Crawler Jacob Ackland 2019
Coffee Cooper Howson 2019
My Entry Riley Mullins 2019
Sunset Natasha Jenes 2019
The Eye Of Hope Isabella Malagon- Paez 2019
My Amazing Art (very Proud) Chanelle Junkovic 2019
Girl Sketch Samuel Keong 2019
Death At The Tree Jazmyn St John 2019
Marble River Reegan Foley 2019
AshaLisa Asha Hughes 2019
Red Rose Ronan Montemayor 2019
NASA Kitt Berry 2019
Seaside Town Saya Kikuchi 2019
Our Fate Is Sealed Lewis Grice 2019
Escape Chanel Bocman 2019
Bamboo Nature Adele Barrett 2019
The Magical Howl Charlie Gannon 2019
Colour Behind The Lines Jaida Abbott 2019
Do You Want Fries With That? Hugh Clementson 2019
Night Sky Liesel Bott 2019
Sunset Tree Erin Norton 2019
Waltz By The Sunset Charlotte Clark 2019
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