Entry NameStudentYear
One In A Million Eloise Gray 2019
New York Renka Kanaya 2019
Growth Ethan Potter 2019
Cat And Space Association (C.A.S.A.) Mikayla Johnston 2019
Bad Vibes Christina Nguyen 2019
Glowing Fish Anemieke Vanderwesten 2019
Mushroom's Meadow Poppy Stewart 2019
Hues Of The Sun Sharvi Bellur 2019
Tiny Stripes Daisy Halden 2019
Study Of The Human Skeleton Bella Beale 2019
Alpine Reflections Sarah Bolonja 2019
House Natalia Chandrasegaran 2019
BFF Best Furry Friends Ashlin Kelly 2019
Shapes Jonathan Shao 2019
My Harry Potter World Lisara Seneviratne 2019
Happy Feet Georgia Brydon 2019
The Treasure Island Chelsea Dwyer 2019
Night Time Colours Jaime-Lee South 2019
Soccer/art Cross-over Edward Capone 2019
Capturing A Mount Fuji Sunrise Emily Battye 2019
Mount Wellington Sunset Landscape Halina Dadswell-Booth 2019
Chubby & Cutie Phoebe Hoo 2019
Take Away Your Pain Swarna Vankineni 2019
The Eye Karla Nortje 2019
Imagine Taylor Galea 2019
Turtle Power Michael Blake 2019
Izuku Midoriya Holly Johnston 2019
Day To Night And All Delights Myka Ruaine 2019
THE TRUTH UNTOLD Divashli Dayal 2019
Spider-Man Siddharth Thamma 2019
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