Entry NameStudentYear
Twilight Sparkle The Pony Methmi Dewage 2019
Sleeping Dog Thomas Kepert 2019
Tree Enclosure Senudi Dewage 2019
Mystic Mountains Emma Featherstone 2019
??YOLO-LAND!?? Brianna Nicholls 2019
Lest We Forget Hajar Chamra 2019
Red Kangaroo Jack Slater 2019
At The Waterhole Ella Pursell 2019
Mr Kangaroo Tylah Hewson 2019
Lazy Lizard Brooklyn Noud 2019
Sea Turtle Oscar Smit 2019
The Serpent Patrick Fitzgerald 2019
Droidz Willem Hendriks 2019
Bringing Peace Tyler Morley 2019
Girl On Top Of The World Penny Ferris 2019
Galaxy Dragon Alexandros Papadopoulos 2019
The Friendly Roar Anh Le 2019
The Golden Bird Nessie Le 2019
Bullies Look Tough On The Outside But Their Soft On The Inside Jett Cole 2019
Beach Side Yuvraj Sethi 2019
Chinese Zodiac Harriet Gilpin 2019
Teenage Girl Holly Warner 2019
Tiger Tank Angus Watt 2019
Anime + Realism Jessica Chandra 2019
Self Portrait Chloe Maher 2019
Joseph Joestar Jacksyn Flack 2019
Graphite Portrait Karene Mpoyi 2019
The Two Planets Amelia Stockton 2019
Kurt Donald Cobain Kalea Leary 2019
Tropical Bird Annabelle Sprem 2019
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