Entry NameStudentYear
My Interesting Artwork Alex Boeve 2019
Facial Mountain Kamilla Pullut 2019
Loss Of Biodiversity Through A Series Of Prints Freya Cooper 2019
Breathe Reuben White 2019
Kitty In The Window Annabelle White 2019
Koal-o "Oh No There's Been A Fire" Nathaniel White 2019
A Million Cats Anita Zhong 2019
Fruity Day Dennis Trinh 2019
Vada Oliver Henshaw 2019
Bird Of Paradise Billie Davidson 2019
A Thousand Shades Of Passion Suhani Sharma 2019
Sleeping Wolf Khadija Al-zeidat 2019
Sunset Jurassic Madelyn Davidson 2019
Superwoman Willow Jorja Mcgrath 2019
Autumn Leaves Doua Benbatta 2019
Sunset As I See It.. Mohamed Benbatta 2019
If I Were To Go To Any City In The World... Lena Benbatta 2019
Unicorn Vs Dragon Zoe Olanrewaju 2019
Nature's Beauty Vanessa Van Der Mast (SMALL V & D) 2019
Sunset On Harbour Bridge Poppy Grispo 2019
Tropical Rest Addison Furini 2019
Healthy H2o Asha Covell 2019
Wishing Tree Rehat Kaur Batth 2019
People Can Be Reeta Shoomun 2019
The Ordinary Beetle Bliss Boag 2019
Dark It Up Ace Boag 2019
Ruby The Unicorn Zenna Boag 2019
Stuck At A Wall...just Fly Over It! Lachlan James Barrett 2019
A Dog's Life Rocco Taylor 2019
My Baby Brother Ashlee Thomas 2019
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