Entry NameStudentYear
Girl Portrait Samreet Walia 2019
Love Yourself Jordyn Scott 2019
Flowers All Around Me Catalina Carroll 2019
Instagram V.s Real Life Liesl Jukic 2019
Leaf Spiral Sharni Van Rijthoven 2019
Racing Car Jovi Nutt 2019
Jam Jade Kroehn 2019
Rainbow Parrot Piper Hoey 2019
Crane Xuan Wei Chen 2019
Peace, Love, Community Shelby Gristede 2019
Simple Symmetry Ruby Ward 2019
Australians Let's All Rejoice Olivia Whiting 2019
ROBOT Karsin Blair 2019
Behind Closed Doors Mya Gamble 2019
The Flowerless Plants Edwina Wong 2019
Spiral Charlotte Plozza 2019
Chopper Sam Gale 2019
FIGHTING FISH Sofia Coram 2019
Stale Necessity Caitlin Napier 2019
Raising A Child While Being A Child Jordana Smart 2019
My Mum, My Hero Sharlotte Fisher 2019
Pollution Marlee Hudson2 2019
Fishbowl Mayah Mccormick 2019
Vintage Abigail Johnston 2019
Pure Green Jessica Bird 2019
My Vision Layla Bird 2019
Ned Kelly Madeleine Wilson 2019
ZOE Chloe Pulman 2019
Monkey Me Katarina Neal 2019
House On The Hill Helen Yaya Anan 2019
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