Entry NameStudentYear
LADYBIRD Myles Wainwright 2019
PEAR Jacob Gough 2019
CLOWN Aarya Sinha 2019
FILLED With LOVE Ada Smith Brooks 2019
MY PUPPET Finnegan Savage 2019
Rainbow Warrior Aenea Saggers 2019
Flying Castle Caitlin Ferrier 2019
Mabentou Mabentou Kromah 2019
Untitled Tahlia Berry 2019
The Joyful Bear Makinley Littlejohn 2019
A Peacocks Desire Kritha Xin Xuan Lee 2019
Brute Ute! Brodie Delaney 2019
Bad Hair Day Tom Archibald 2019
A Fall From Grace Jade Van Es 2019
Carry The Light Heidi Stansfield 2019
Self Portrait Josh Gale 2019
Diamonds In The Sky Elle Duro 2019
Guitar Hero Joel Sawyer 2019
Plethora Jasmin Garcia 2019
Abyss Raven Gillespie-scarce 2019
The Contrast Ciara Fitzpatrick 2019
Tranquility Chloe Mckenzie 2019
Sunday Aimee Hose 2019
Treaty For Truganini Samantha Buck 2019
Mystic Mountains Shaylee Vanbreukelen 2019
Indian Skull Madison Voysey 2019
The Soul Of The Forrest Kaiden Boland 2019
Eagle Kailee Dooley 2019
Bali Safari 2019 Jarred Lyle 2019
Flowers Amber Martin 2019
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