Entry NameStudentYear
Graveyard Ned Slicer 2019
Grace Zeeta Geiger 2019
Wintery Delight Nina Callander 2019
A Glimpse Into My Mind Chloe Harben 2019
Piano Mikaela Harvey 2019
My Mum Likes To Paint Harrison Klose 2019
Cover Up Emily Sullivan 2019
Glow, Baby Vs Adult. Kari Ettles 2019
When You're Feeling Down Shaun Mckearney 2019
Eye Drawing, By Leyla Leyla Simseker 2019
Nature Girl Leilani Robertson 2019
Hot Day Ice-cream Petra Spillane 2019
Joan Of Arc Allegra Smith 2019
The Crucifix Orchid Arwen Underwood 2019
Even In Your Bubble Erin Mccormack 2019
3 Planets, Millions Of Stars Lucy Knight 2019
Who Am I? Annabel Dass 2019
Thorny Rose Keelan Burns 2019
100 Deadly Skills By Clint Emerson Prannoy Patel 2019
City Hours Annabelle Pearson 2019
Forever Frida Gabriela Snead 2019
Girl With Many Hearts Amber Willis 2019
Beach At Sunset Pearl Fratti 2019
Lost In Thoughts ?? Kiera Hoyle 2019
Hands Chloe Hosking 2019
Hands Jenna Hosking 2019
Natures Beauty Lillian Lee 2019
Hoot Melody Yang 2019
Scary Tiger Ryan Yang 2019
A Sunny Day Ria Maguire 2019
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