Entry NameStudentYear
Circle Kate Bevitt 2011
Circle Fun Jennifer Hilton 2011
Circles Alana Rea 2011
Circles Have No Corners Ibtisam Shahbaz 2012
City Face Sandy Lim 2011
City Hours Annabelle Pearson 2019
City Lights Emily Richter 2011
City Montage Pippa Carter 2011
City Reflection Alex Holloway 2012
City Scape At Sunset Talen Andrews 2012
City Silhouette _ Auckland Sky City Tower Dominic Dravitzki 2012
City Silhouette _ Eiffel Tower Karliyah Rawiri 2012
City Silhouette _ Good Morning Bangkok Terina Taylor 2012
City Silhouette _ Paris Sunrise Dylan DeWinnaar 2012
City Silhouette _ Paris Twilight Ellecia Conti-Nibali 2012
City Silhouette _ Sky Tower Auckland Jaanai Lafaele 2012
City Silhouette _ The Big Ben Rose Makumbe 2012
City Silhouette _ White House Jayden Weeratunga 2012
Cityscape Hui Jun Heng 2010
Claire Edie Mccormick 2011
Classic Fairy Tales Yen Ha 2011
Classroom Antics Rebekah Satie 2012
Click Click Dilawar Haidarie 2012
Climbing The Wall Nathan Youd 2011
Clock Tarsha Briese 2012
Clockwork Yilani Harrison 2019
Clones Jaidyn Groth 2011
Close Up Colleen O'Dowd 2010
Cloud Carra Reyes 2011
Cloud Castle Isabella Woodrow-Althaus 2019
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