Entry NameStudentYear
Laura's Flower Laura Gordon 2011
Lauren The Cockatoo Sumayyah Menzies 2011
Lauren`s Art Lauren Zalunardo 2011
Lava Connor McDonald 2012
Layerscape Kurtis Meier 2019
Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon Kate Zovaro 2010
Lazy Day Brittany Smit 2010
Lazy Days Brittany Smit 2010
Lazy Lizard Brooklyn Noud 2019
Le Chat Endormi Abigail Bobkowski 2019
Le Printemps Reuben Capill 2010
Le Scruff Jaya Tait 2011
Le Violon Retno Widyanti 2011
Leadbeaters Possum Tilly Murray 2019
Leaf Ben Bliss 2011
Leaf And The Moon Thao Le 2011
Leaf Spiral Sharni Van Rijthoven 2019
Leaping Over The Sun Emily Kirstenfeldt 2011
Learning Tommy Rosser 2010
Leave Me Alone Alexander Cross 2010
Leaves. Grace Yang 2012
Left Angus Sharpe 2011
Left Alone Chloe Ranford 2012
Left In The Rain Gala Huang 2011
Legends Rhys Brown 2011
Lego Luc Redman 2012
Lennon Olivia Dean-jones 2009
Leopard Katie Mirabito 2011
Les Rochers' Kaelih Allen 2010
Lest We Forget Grace Chopin 2012
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