Entry NameStudentYear
Little Sis Kayla Tognola 2011
Little Wolf Joanne Walmsley 2010
Little( Island ) Homemade Samrawit Elias 2011
Live The Way I'm Living Faith Blake 2012
Living In Peace Hashem Bahmanzadah 2010
Living In Peace Hashem Bahmanzadah 2010
Living In The Country Georgina Coddington 2012
Living It Wild Emily Kirstenfeldt 2011
Living It Wild Emily Kirstenfeldt 2011
Lizard's Imagination Alexandra Chalmers 2010
Lizzy Emersyn Haddleton 2012
Llama Party Alice Davis 2019
Local Landmarks Telina Miles 2019
Local Landmarks Luca Smith 2019
Local Landmarks Ruby House 2019
Local Landmarks Hugo Pedder 2019
Local Landmarks Allirah Mcalister 2019
Loch Ness Monster Cooper Bennier 2012
Loch Ness Monster Izaak Vlahov 2012
Locked Happiness Despina Stratos 2011
Locked In Linear Rachel Dowse 2012
Logo Jacob Zunker 2009
Lol Brooke Parker 2010
Lollie-pop Dreams Tareeka Knight 2011
Lone Rose Clare Sayers 2009
Lone Wolf Sebastian Fattore 2011
Lonely Crow Lachlan Tester 2010
Lonely Labrador Megan Godfrey 2012
Lonely Wolf Laura Jarrett 2012
Long Dress Himani Bharti 2012
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