Brittany Gaiser Wins The Haiku Competition!

Congratulations to the Brittany Gaiser, winner of the newsletter haiku competition!We received over 300 entries into the competition and the poems were wonderful. Some were funny, some were sad, and some were hauntingly beautiful. The one thing that ...

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Northern Poets

North Queensland school students are showing their talents as writers of fine poetry.

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Poetry Success

Budding poet Tiana De Zoit has kicked off a writing career with the publication of her first poem by Write4Fun

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Droplets Reign for Rosie

Rosie, in Year 8 at Strathcona in Canterbury, was the runner-up in the Write4Fun national poetry competition, with her poem Diamond Droplets judged among the best of 10,000 entries.

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Write On, Kate

Alstonville Public School year ?ve student Kate Aslin was awarded third place in the Write4Fun 2005 Honoured Writers Competition

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