• Summer ONLINE Writing Competition Products

  • Super Saver Package - Plaque

    Super Saver Package - Plaque Poetry/Short Story

    Includes: 1 X Scroll Plaque, 1 X Summertime Fun eBook, 1 X Photograph and Dedication,

    $65.00 FREE SHIPPING
  • Super Saver Package - Bookmarks

    Super Saver Package - Bookmarks Poetry

    Includes: 1 X Bookmarks - Set of 12, 1 X Summertime Fun eBook, 1 X Photograph and Dedication,

    $65.00 FREE SHIPPING
  • eBook + Photo & Dedication

    eBook + Photo & Dedication Poetry/Short Story

    Includes: 1 X Summertime Fun eBook, 1 X Photograph and Dedication,

    $29.95 FREE SHIPPING
  • Bookmarks - Set of 12

    Bookmarks - Set of 12 Poetry

    Bookmarks come as a set of 12! SHARE YOUR POEM WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS! Your poem will be laser printed onto an elegant Rainbow or Sun background, coated for protection and finished off with a tassel for style! *Note: Stories will unfortunately NOT fit on the bookmarks.

    $36.00 + SHIPPING: $6.00
  • Summertime Fun eBook

    Summertime Fun eBook Poetry/Short Story

    Summertime Fun is ON SALE! Pre-order your copy of this fantastic e-edition including hundreds of poems and short stories from students ALL OVER Australia. Sticking with our Summer competition paperless them, this eBook edition will last for generations. Pre-order your copy at the early-bird discount price today!

  • Scroll Plaque

    Scroll Plaque Poetry/Short Story

    HAVE YOUR POEM OR STORY PROFESSIONALLY DISPLAYED! Your poem or short story will be custom fitted on an elegantly designed paper scroll background and printed onto a clear perspex plaque (A4 size) for a lasting effect. Plaques come with Command poster strip for wall mounting.

    $38.00 + SHIPPING: $6.00
  • Photograph and Dedication

    Photograph and Dedication Poetry/Short Story

    Dedicate your poem or story to someone special or simply add a personal note or inspirational quote. You will have up to 20 words and the message will appear between the title and the body of your piece in the eBook. Your photo can be a picture of you, your dedication subject or depicting your story or poem and will appear at the foot of it in black and white.


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We receive an overwhelming positive feedback each year from the teachers, parents and students who have involvement in these competitions and publications, and we will continue to strive to attain this level of excellence with each competition we hold.


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