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Why not relax and take a break with some of these fun games...

  • Omnom Forest

    Omnom Forest

    Omnoms live in the forest and eat fruit that falls from trees. But they HATE acorns!
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  • Take It Down

    Take It Down

    Your little construction worker is trapped on the buildings. Oh noes! Demolish these rickety structu...
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  • Rich Mine

    Rich Mine

    One miner (think Snow White's dwarves) throws a pick at gems in the air and another catching them in...
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  • Bongo Balls

    Bongo Balls

    Have you ever heard of an online ball game called Zynga? This is another version of that. There's a ...
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  • Hey Taxi

    Hey Taxi

    You're the taxi, and there are cars and fountains and things around you. You hear, "Hey, Taxi!" and ...
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  • Brain Machine

    Brain Machine

    – I thought this one was Sudoku at first, but it's not. There's a large block of numbers at the top ...
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  • Bee Wars

    Bee Wars

    It's a meadow with flowers growing and bees buzzing. You have to use your mouse to hold a ‘bubble' o...
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  • Cosmetics Workshop

    Cosmetics Workshop

    You have a very colourful workshop where you click on ingredients and dump them into a mixer. Once y...
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