Entry NameStudentYear
The Jewel Kai Tran 2022
Falling Isabelle Ma 2022
Women Rights Sommer Kinnane-Pearce 2022
Space Christopher Ellem 2022
The Changing Sky Victoria Ellem 2022
I Am Gabriella McGrath 2022
Four Little Ducks Dolly Honan 2022
Nanna Zephyr Shofay 2022
Horses Liam Dau 2022
If I Were Emily Dang 2022
Bloom Kailyn Russ 2022
Believe Amelia Russ 2022
Rays Of Gold Faith Sheargold 2022
The Stranger Scarlett Ruddy 2022
‘The Reality’ Babaljot Virk 2022
Springtime Of Life Hailey Bangan 2022
Retrieving Hope Ayana Bhalla Bhalla 2022
Darkness Kaitlyn Cashen 2022
Bell Is Going In Five Minutes Carmel Bai 2022
A Remembrance Of Forgetting Ella Mitlan 2022
A Lonley Pirate Mehnoor Boparai 2022
Our Love Is Not Natural Zoe Shanahan 2022
Water Clara Hui 2022
Rita Emma Bakker 2022
Imagine Your Life Jasmin Little 2022
Stealing The Jewel Gaia Sheere 2022
The Injured Sky Liam Letourneau 2022
The Bike Went On A Hike Oscar Murley 2022
My Last Day Is My Best Sandra Mercado 2022
The Stress Of School Max Morris 2022
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