Entry NameStudentYear
Old Wooden Spoon Ben Thant 2019
Broken Smile Jessica Howard 2019
Autumn In Australia Thomas Doran 2019
Amazing Fair Abby Sanderson 2019
Soccer Sonny Blanchette 2019
Secret Admirer Ashleigh Clements 2019
My Dogs Tahlia Scott 2019
Catch And Kill Stanley Watson 2019
Game Of Life Caitlin Silivinec 2019
The Fox Patrick Brown 2019
Minecraft Ben Cikla 2019
The Poor Old Dragon Declan Matthews 2019
Making A Poem William Hodgson 2019
Pokemon William White 2019
Dark Deception James Dolar 2019
Little Miss Spider Priya Aichroy 2019
What Was That Noise Charlie Cowling 2019
Back To School Caroline Mostert 2019
Plane Crash Jett Savage 2019
If I Had Super-Powers Ainsley D’souza 2019
Loneliness Hannah Ivory 2019
Metal Hands Isabella White 2019
Sumertime Sun Hayley Riley 2019
Dad At Work Flynn Riley 2019
My Inner Battle Scars Rawda Alshroof 2019
Here We Stand Elin Jones 2019
The Cross To My Heart Sinead Cole 2019
Finding My Element Maahesh Shyamshankar 2019
Ted And Fred Vaughan Gridley 2019
Stuck In A Book Lillian Fei 2019
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