Entry NameAuthorYear
Three Sleepy Bats Nathaniel White 2019
The Homework Ban! Imogen Peters 2019
Lonely Rose William Rea 2019
The Ocean Kovidh Patel 2019
Spinach Mridulla Anantha Padmanabhan 2019
The Spring Rain Vansh Maini 2019
The Young Man From Peru Julian Arredondo 2019
Heaven's Holy Ones Helen Ockerse 2019
As The Darkest Light Of The Day Fades Jemma Conry 2019
My Favourite Sport Lauren Potts 2019
The Only One Moment Niyosi Patel 2019
The Movie... Doua Benbatta 2019
Roses Are Red Jorge Tapp 2019
Bad Feelings Joel Sutton 2019
Resilience Ehab Najjar 2019
Butterfly Poem Athulya Renjith Nair 2019
A Soldier's Will Shyam Bhat 2019
Being Different Is Okay Mohammed Baki 2019
Koshka Zoya Mclean 2019
Leaving Cate Chapman 2019
Limericks Of The World Aashi Shah 2019
Iceberg Ahead Neva Niju 2019
What If... Khyara Fisher 2019
An Australian Poem Lachlan Mayer 2019
The Crazy Day Isabelle Malone 2019
Elysium Emily Liang 2019
Water Mia Tosin 2019
Poem Of Dreams Kien Laurins 2019
At Home In A Tempest Monique May 2019
Time Travelling Cows Sachini Karunamuni 2019
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