Entry NameStudentYear
Slam Poetry Arlea Gibbon 2019
Tell Me Everything Gabriella Scrimgeour 2019
What If The Sun Just Vanished? Zaedyn Turner 2019
Animals And Pollution Gabriel Sabri 2019
Queen Anne’s Lace Victoria Chang 2019
The Down Down Down Fauzia Khairina 2019
The Garden! Aleena Batrisyia 2019
The Glass Box Sophia Gianotti 2019
Seasons Hunter Metcalf 2019
The Kraken Riley Drynan 2019
Blue Emilie Boutelier 2019
Best Friends Forever Charlie Antoncic 2019
Settle Elise Ho 2019
Life Is... Riddhi Bajaj 2019
The Cleansed Soul Tanya O'brien 2019
Confidence Mariam Askander 2019
Willow Vanessa Van Der Mast (SMALL V & D) 2019
Sleepwalkers Kayleigh Laine 2019
A BATTLE LOST Gianna Arabella Memita 2019
My Life Chloe Kong 2019
Looking Up Scarlett Pritchard 2019
Not Okay Riley Monson 2019
Me Amelia Tolfts 2019
A Life Lived Elle Wilson 2019
Sad Huda Sheikh 2019
The Zoo Priya Deol 2019
Animals Sajan Deol 2019
Painful Poppies Ravneet Kaur 2019
Find Hope In Cancer Khatera Habibi 2019
The Sound Of Music Dante Muller 2019
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