Entry NameStudentYear
Dad Reece Bradley 2006
Dad Barry Tapau 2006
Dad Katie Sandford-smith 2006
Dad Rhys Keown 2007
Dad Sebastian Britton 2007
Dad Harry Ryder 2007
Dad Jade Hawkins 2007
Dad Bradley Watt 2007
Dad Kalid Atkin 2007
Dad Samantha Barr 2007
Dad A Cinquain Poem Bill Oxford 2014
Dad and his foxes Nissa Reid-sager 2006
Dad and I Elliebush Elliebush 2006
Dad And I Codey Veitch 2018
Dad And Me Ginger Baker 2016
Dad And Mum Calais Cooper 2019
Dad and mum! Nicole Newton 2006
Dad At Work Flynn Riley 2019
Dad Don't Leave Rori White 2017
Dad I Love You Jessica Mavor 2013
Dad In The Dark Forest Drew Hope 2014
Dad Is A Man Who... Gabriella Verrall 2009
Dad Loves Snap Ella Girdler 2016
Dad Ode Lucy Crocker 2017
Dad Oh Dad Hannah Batten 2012
Dad Who Never Came Back Kyle Benadie 2015
Dad, Grandma John Luong 2021
Dad, I Miss You Sarah Daly 2004
Dad, You're So Mean Llewellyn Nunes 2018
Dad’s Special Poem Asha Gould 2007
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