Entry NameStudentYear
Daddy's Gone Pauline Doan 2007
Daddy's Home Bronte Williams 2010
Daddy's Little Girl Tayla Dewett 2011
Daddy's Little Girl Emilie Evans 2008
Daddy's Little Girl Haura Hussaini 2009
Daddy's Little Girl Shylie-maree Bonner 2008
Daddy's Little Girl Sarah Collins 2011
Daddy's Little Girl Cassandra Boardman 2009
Daddy's Special Girl Larissa Mileto 2007
Daddy's Tears Hayley Langlands 2007
Dadirri - Inner Spring And Deap Awearness Patrick Seve 2013
Dads Alison Barnewall 2007
Dads Christabel Acusa 2007
Dads Acrostic Poem Georgie Mcrae 2015
Dad's bbq Ella Milton 2007
Dads Blessing Courtney Rutter 2009
Dad's Car Karl Dutschke 2008
Dad's Dream Kirra-Lee Groombridge 2018
Dads ducks Michelle Braczkowski 2007
Dad's Favourite Toy - A Poem For Father's Day Joseph Asnicar 2009
Dad's Favourite Toy - A Poem For Father's Day Joseph Asnicar 2011
Dad's Feelings For Me Daina Harris 2014
Dads Idiotic Idioms James Howe 2010
Dad's Motorbike Ride Raeghan Abbott 2015
Dad's Old Boat Bradley O'connor 2011
Dads Tatoos Hayleigh Warry 2007
Dads, Dads, Dads. Lachlan Hayes 2007
Dadu Myraa Mahajan 2018
Daedalus And Icarus Alix Harris 2017
Daffodil Alicia Pain 2017
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