Entry NameStudentYear
Fake A Smile Katie Cox 2008
Fake As Fool's Gold Katelin Porter 2013
Fake Friend Georgina Jackson 2011
Fake Friends Ava Taylor 2017
Fake Friends Seneja Alles 2020
Fake Friends Berelian Daghagheleh 2019
Fake Friends Tyler Yliche 2019
Fake Friends Ryeha Collins 2019
Fake Friends Darmi Halake 2022
Fake Love Isabelle Jackson 2018
Fake Names Dominic Rheinberger 2016
Fake smile Brooke Murphy 2007
Fake! Lillian Ward 2014
Faker Halima Ali 2007
Falcon Claira Lee 2010
FALL Stephanie Min 2009
Fall Marlon Kilbey 2013
Fall Zachary Johnson 2007
Fall Kelsey Ferdinand 2007
Fall Emily Schromm 2007
Fall Jaryd Endres 2007
Fall Drew Gay 2007
Fall Nicole Aruilio 2007
Fall Caitlin Fox 2007
Fall Ted Gutierrez 2007
Fall Tara Sarchet 2007
Fall Danielle Buckel 2007
Fall Julia Hilton 2007
Fall Meaghan Kelly 2007
Fall Joy Oliver 2007
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