Entry NameStudentYear
God is everywhere Owen Phelan 2007
God is good Jamilah Page 2007
God Is Great Rania Al-aliawy 2012
God Is Great Rania Al-aliawy 2012
God Is Great Natalie Tran 2015
God Is Humanity Ruby Walker 2018
God Is Life Aiden Howell 2015
God Is Love Gloria Ghatas 2015
God is my greatest friend Kristin Sosa 2006
God Is Protection Abbey Fegan 2010
God is someone special Georgia Clarke 2006
God Is There For You Vivian Le 2013
God Knows I Am Weak Seth Ryan Marinduque 2019
God Loves The World Vickie Anne Campbell 2014
God Made Everything Laura Potter 2008
God made me i am very special to him Cara Krieger 2007
God Please Forgive Us Stephanie Thalasinos 2009
God Poem Rita Deng 2009
God Save The Dog Caitlin Gough 2016
God send me an angel Emma Peele 2006
GOD Sent Little Girl Jessica Traves 2009
God The Creator Victoria Pavkovic 2017
God Won't Hear My Prayer Jaxon Bourke 2019
Godess Anouk Hoyne 2018
God's Love For Us Is So Deep Grace Rowland 2018
GOD'S ALWAYS HERE Georgie Gale 2019
God's Beautiful World Evangeline Kiaos 2018
Gods Creation Brianna Smith 2009
Gods Creation Maddison May King 2007
God's creation Gregory Pavur 2007
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