Entry NameStudentYear
Leaves Of Autumn Rory Friday 2009
Leaves of fall Lisa Martinez 2007
Leaves on the poster board Arthur Cohen 2007
Leaves Twirling Stephanie Sprague 2008
Leaving Jasmn Truscott 2007
Leaving Cate Chapman 2019
Leaving Laura De Feyter 2016
Leaving Ashley Fox 2017
Leaving Lechel Du Plessis 2015
Leaving Kristina Kujovic 2015
Leaving all behind Stefania Loche 2007
Leaving Greece, 1964 George Elia 2013
Leaving Home C.j. Nolan 2015
Leaving Hope, Taking Love Sarah Guganovic 2011
Leaving Me Alone Arooj Rasheed 2022
Leaving Primary School Noah Beyene 2009
Leaving The Valley Of Childhood Fern Campbell 2020
Leaving You Debora Alphani 2015
Leaving You Ami Stumbles 2008
Leaving... Rosemary Isaac 2009
Leaving... Nick Owens 2007
Led Into A Year With No Love Kiara Quig 2009
Led, Jed And Fred Shelby Singleton 2010
Lee Connor Gleason 2007
Lee The Bee Cienna Leslie 2017
Leela Victoria Gerrard 2008
Left Khya Bachani 2007
Left Breanna Smith 2014
Left Lilliarna Ferguson 2018
Left Alone Kaival Patel 2015
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