Entry NameStudentYear
Making Cakes Lilly Longhurst 2017
Making Every Second Count Maya Della Franca 2015
Making Friends Kymberly Curnow 2011
Making Friends With Stemly Emily Craig 2016
Making Hard Decisions Chelsea Van Duyn 2011
Making It Big Jamie-Lee Wallis 2010
Making It Physical Meg Parsons 2007
Making It Through Lachlan Gordon 2013
Making Our Teacher Angry Huey Morgan-Foxon 2015
Making Pictures Wania Asif 2011
Making Pictures Madeleine Smith 2011
Making School Cool Tasneem Kharadi 2018
Making Someone's Day McKeeley Makin 2009
Maklin Maklin Jeffrey 2014
Malachi Meldrum Malachi Meldrum 2009
Malala Yousafzai Sarah Evans 2017
Malaysia Airlines 370 Lachlan Chau 2018
Malaysia Forest Emily Savage 2009
Malaysia Solution Mykel 'Awesome' Smith 2012
Malaysia To Australia Chantel Xuan Xuan Lai 2017
Malcolm Bill's Texting Mill Benedict Tannous 2015
Males Through Lifetime Danni-elle Roberts 2005
Malevolent darkness Joanna Perey 2007
Malfunction Penelope Pandora 2008
Mali Ella Ongarato 2017
Mali The Baby Elephant Tully Rigoni 2010
Malta Renee Ciappara 2011
Mama Megan Emerson 2007
Mama Salma Almasri 2018
Mama Jacqueline Loh 2014
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