Entry NameStudentYear
Vampire Naomi Maynard 2011
Vampire Renee Starick 2007
Vampire Ryan Webb 2012
Vampire Claire Blackley 2012
Vampire Bite Chloe Gilbert 2010
Vampire House Ryan Campbell 2009
Vampire Lust Bethany Tender 2010
Vampire! Breanna Everingham 2016
Vampires Amelia Pederson 2013
Vampires Kirby Mead 2007
Vampires Rebecca Gelling 2008
Vampires Stacy Hamill 2006
Vampires Montana O'riley 2009
Vampire's Kiss Courtney Burgess 2013
Vampires spell Elissa Hiotis 2007
Vamps Dalia Ozman 2010
Vanessa T Vanessa T 2015
Vanessa The Owl Sandra Wang 2021
Vanilla Cake Tallulah Brodie 2020
Vanilla Skies Arielle Yeap 2008
Vanilla Skies. Emma Polhill 2011
Vanish Kati Cruger 2003
Vanishing Road Crystal Kelly 2010
Vanities Of War Jesse Stevens 2015
Vanity Amy Butler 2007
Vapour Vampire Mia Shankland 2015
Variations Benjamin Clark 2013
Vashta Nerada Adara Enthaler 2010
Vaurien Scapegrace Georgina Stephens 2011
VCE Seriously Sarah Arnold 2014
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