Entry NameStudentYear
The Bullies Jack Herzich 2021
Elindell Julia Nooitgedagt 2021
Light Gurasees Chawla 2021
What Lies Below Mila Shakya Walker 2021
The Mystery Door Minaal Moosani 2021
A Dog’s Perspective On Lockdown Sophia Ghanem 2021
Pink Camellias And Grey Clouds Catherine O'brien 2021
The End Of It All Adonna Woldeyes 2021
Nightmare Fatemeh Rahimi 2021
The Small Friends Jayden Liang 2021
GETING BACK THE KINGDOM Joshua Soendjaja 2021
The Last Voyage To The Western Promontory Kyan Johansen 2021
Never Give Up Zeina Najjarine 2021
Quit Ayasha Shaikh 2021
Our Story Bianka Liang 2021
Love Is A Dance Miranda Chrismas 2021
The Girl With The Red Hat Milly Hartley 2021
Being Skinny Is Impossible Lucy Sagar 2021
Mushrooms Niamh Dwyer 2021
Serenity Saskia Ciprian 2021
The First Man To Fly Ayesha Imran 2021
The Big Tsunami Aina Liang 2021
Romeo And Rosaline's Vale Isobel Georgeson 2021
Secrets Are Hard To Keep Mishal Moosani 2021
Escape Me Now Mina Buerger 2021
Beyond The Pages Christina Lee 2021
The Angel And The Whale Rishdi Obeid 2021
PORTION CATASTROPHE Anuja Dahanayaka 2021
LUNA’S ADVENTURE Sithumi Dahanayaka 2021
Lost Jayden Tran 2021
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