Entry NameStudentYear
The Shadow Sophie-Lee Watson 2021
Gone Are The Rings Yuzhe Hu 2021
A Loving Mother And Her Busy Son Abdullah Nur 2021
Fire Miller Phillips 2021
My Pet Gorilla Maisie Beckman 2021
Roamault’s Rider Aubrey Koll 2021
The Lion And The Fox Habib Syaridin 2021
Story Of New South Wales Jayden Zhao 2021
Beau Forrest Alayna Walsh 2021
Dead Before Dawn??? Felicity Moy 2021
The Last Witch Amelia Witkowski 2021
Loss... Jaden Yu 2021
Aeolus And The Chamber Of The Dead Alexander Xiang 2021
Loss Charlie Silva 2021
Lost Beneath The Vines Isla Fraser 2021
Secrets A Book Holds Sofia Lee 2021
Secret Time Alice Gething 2021
Panda Treasure Heidi Mcleod 2021
The Mountain Of Monsters Shnaya Kumar 2021
Monty’s Adventure Kova Rasmussen 2021
Mia And The Abandoned School Amelia Ghanem 2021
The Hidden Light Saad Afzal 2021
The Valley Carine Wong 2021
My Monster Sophia Batur 2021
I Love My Cat Sarah Syaridin 2021
The Power Of The Crests Siba Alzoughbi 2021
The Mountain Climb Lily Falla 2021
Just Imaginary! Emily Forsyth 2021
Coronavirus Sophie-may Ronzani 2021
The Warfront In Afghanistan Ashmita Senthil 2021
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