Entry NameStudentYear
Gun Shots Archie Polan 2021
Trick Treasure Hunt Zachariah Cornelius 2021
The Mystery Of Rosedale Katherine Vuong 2021
Lucy's Imagination Charlotte Trevaskis 2021
Why Bats Are Blind Irina Halliday-Osovskaya 2021
Time Chains Millie Nguyen 2021
Our Love Is Meant To Be Saima Bulbulia 2021
The Detective Elisabeth Oh 2021
Cyber Ninja Timothy Curtis 2021
The Return Of Vladimir Caedon Samuel Penman 2021
The Secret Temple Jessica Griffin 2021
Curiosity Liam Bocquee 2021
Layla Lara Hyunh 2021
Ocean Ties Saima Bulbulia 2021
Welcome Back Christian Sciberras 2021
Look Up Maxine Onibere 2021
The Voyage Mia Pountney 2021
Breakout Dumplings Sam Arthur 2021
These Evanescent Days Jennifer Dinh 2021
Dana The Best Sophie Shi 2021
Bunny Adventurer Emily Collins 2021
Jason's Battle Charge Bradley Cartwright 2021
The Secretive Mansion Jaydin Fryer 2021
I Saw Something Eleni Muscatello 2021
Life Jessica Bootsma 2021
The Mystery In England Jazz Jacenko 2021
Mysterious Island Edwin Yiu 2021
Blood Ties Nemi De Silva 2021
My Condition Ana Kyval 2021
The Big Bad Clash Reuben Jones 2021
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