Entry NameStudentYear
In The Dark Pahvi Sharma 2023
Caramel Syrup Lara Wrightson 2023
The Letter Isabelle McLean 2023
Beasts Of The Shadow Scott Rosenberger 2023
Seasonal Australia Paige Beitz 2023
The Five Houses Allegra Rodriguez 2023
Great Barrier Adventure Eliza Davis 2023
Milly And The Whale Shark Abigail Illy 2023
131 Words To Home Tahlya Mardini 2023
Noise Jenna Duncan 2023
The Country Side Girl Tibian Alali 2023
The Day I Brought A Broken Boy Emily Benson 2023
Bitter. Emma Luppi 2023
Escape Heidi Sorensen 2023
Cinderella Aarna Thakour 2023
Breaking Silence Lily Brincat 2023
Knots Antigone Stanley 2023
Joy Found In A Railway Station Maya Yamauchi-Blach 2023
Treasure Hunters Kenlyn Thraves 2023
Charlotte's Summer Avani Subedi 2023
Eve’s Christmas Eve Sohan Schuler 2023
Follow The Light Ali Adeel 2023
Inverted Gabriel Wijaya 2023
The Life Of A Greyhound Alexandra Curtis 2023
The Heart Of The Woods Kanishka Kiran 2023
The Thing Mary Sin 2023
The Last Elf Of The Bay Alessia De Pasquale 2023
Alone Belinda Chinnakondu 2023
Mother Rainbow (A Story About A Rainbow) Evelyn Haddon-Cave 2023
The Kidnapping Orla O 2023
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