Entry NameStudentYear
The Creepy Neighbour Ayori Simaremare 2019
The Missing Unicorn Corazon Patros 2019
Before We Knew It Annabelle Hudson 2019
Saving Lives Olivia Gilham 2019
The Smoothie Faith Andreata 2019
Chicken Adventure 3 Josh Stewart 2019
Survival Marleyah Wyborn 2019
Delilah Leah Maroske 2019
The Cowastrophic Talent Show Stephanie Wundke 2019
The Talking Animals In Lolly Land Lexie Smith 2019
Two Kinds Amie Joo 2019
Fur And Feathers Ayla Selman 2019
Fur And Feathers Hayden Finch 2019
Fur And Feathers Bridie Yeo 2019
The Fur And Feathers Mika Stam 2019
Fur And Feathers Miley Paterson 2019
The Wanted Four Kyle McLaren 2019
The Mysterious Locket Chloe Williams 2019
Girls Are Unstoppable Tariro Dzingai 2019
Tumbled The Way To My Dreams Bridget Poole 2019
Safe Mikayla Currie 2019
Haunted Dare Haleigh Leach 2019
Time Jack Semini 2019
In Words I Am God Charlize Go 2019
The Secret To The Silence Rebekah Harrison 2019
A Fleeting Embrace Saakshi Datt 2019
Chasing Danger Ryan Argent 2019
Simple Solutions Anmol Haur 2019
The Test Elizabeth Mason 2019
The Mushrooms Ksenya Khapora 2019
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