Entry NameAuthorYear
The Crazy Camp! Molly Wilson 2018
Alex Sayers Alex Sayers 2018
The Worst 32 Days Ever! Max Davis 2018
The Princess With No Husband Abby Griffiths 2018
The Horse Catastrophe Lara Hocking 2018
Ava And The Dragon Ruby Davis 2018
Secret Magical Lolly World Charlotte McLeod 2018
Ted To The Rescue Violet Hocking 2018
Escaping The War Selena Zhuang 2018
War Nurse Jessica Wongprasartsuk 2018
Struggles Through War Aria Bordia 2018
The Frontier Danilo Seguin 2018
Tim's War Story Joshua White 2018
The Haunted Halloween Story Sharna Archer 2018
The Playful Puppy Lily-Anne Carter 2018
Five Silly Days At Work Jake Glenville 2018
The Three Girls Bella Wright 2018
Egy And Cerachera V's U-Nito Seth Reay 2018
My New Friend Teia McLean 2018
Halloween Horror Robert Lelliott 2018
The Rockslide Ashlee Rockell 2018
The Gradual Grave Takira Mason 2018
Untitled Trent Barry 2018
A Wolf Hunt Oliver Spry-Boyd 2018
Skeleton Town Matthew Weilly 2018
The Fools Xander Cook 2018
Skate Park Daniel Finn 2018
The Amazing Camp Adventure Leah Lim 2018
Hockey Problem Jayden Lee 2018
The Digital World Lara Kelly 2018
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