Entry NameAuthorYear
A Screaming Matter Brooke Woollams 2018
Pariah John Palencia 2018
BRAVE SARAH Hiba Akram 2018
Celebrities Of The Cemetery Shaquifa Poernomo 2018
The Ferocious Nightmare Rida Akram 2018
From Heaven To Hell In A Couple Of Seconds Charlotte Bowen Wiseman 2018
Jurassic Vacation Lucy Schwennesen 2018
Adventure Dog Isaac Thomas 2018
The Frog Scarlett Thomas 2018
Unconditional Love Chloe Paleologos 2018
Alexanders Donkey Alexander Thomas 2018
Drowning Stars Natasha Ho 2018
Hope Sarah Messer 2018
Royal Doubts Tesla Moore 2018
How I Realised That I Was A Witch Lilka Faulkner 2018
The Secret Helper - Meta Shaylie Zhou 2018
Fireworks Yilani Harrison 2018
HELP Erynn Marlowe 2018
The Anxious And Hunted Witch Isabelle Gilbert 2018
The Life And Adventures Of A Lazy Person Rohan Shelton 2018
Christmas Wishes Samuel Schwennesen 2018
Nature’s Natural Beauty Rico Li 2018
The Mysterious Hand Daksh Nair 2018
A Christmas Miracle Heidi Hoffman 2018
The Gift Of Life Jayden De Kauwe 2018
DISHES! Phoebe Pockley 2018
A Widower's Worry Jesse Zborovsky 2018
Fruitservers Adventure Lee-yun Lisa Tio 2018
Flying In The Air Xavier Hulbert 2018
Last Battle Naveed Khan 2018
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