Entry NameStudentYear
Outside Isabel Randall 2020
Abandoned Namika Talusani 2020
The Magic Paintbrush Abbey Geftakis 2020
The Chase Georgie Geftakis 2020
Unbreakable Bond Nishika Talusani 2020
The Stolen Generations Diyoni Seneviratne 2020
Lost In Her Anger Julia Viado 2020
Losing A Friend Rayhan Hala 2020
Witch Weather Catherine O'brien 2020
The Girl In The Mirror Calindra Schmidt 2020
The Man In The Line Miah Thompson 2020
A Stranger Jai Scarlett 2020
Born To Survive Lachlan Goss 2020
The Stolen Car Aftab Ahmad 2020
Blue The Parrot Samia Mir 2020
Seclude Sargun Kohar 2020
The Encounter Kathryn Rendulic 2020
Starry Wolf Boy Jessica Keegan 2020
Amanda And Me Lulu Boyd 2020
The Flying Trick Contest Ivy Murray 2020
Finding Witchcraft Ruby Hall 2020
The Warrior Princess! Eliana Ghebreyesus 2020
The Origin Of Officer Cake Axel Bailey 2020
James Smith And The Alien Hunt Shayaan Kadage 2020
The Magic Tree Phoebe Kerr 2020
Maya's Journey Rebekkah Serrao 2020
An Unexpected Adventure Asha Lingard 2020
No Ordinary Boy Nikki Matanguihan 2020
The Mountainous Surprise Emilio Matanguihan 2020
Fairy Floss Ally County 2020
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