Entry NameAuthorYear
Planet X Tyler Rippon 2018
One Day Tyler Byrne 2018
Zachary's Terrifc Plan Jacob Green 2018
The Unicorn And The Girl Named Jessica Cheyenne White 2018
Love Struck Aidan Poliness 2018
The Mad Scientist Charli West 2018
The Forest Boy Who Had A Wing Izaak Aitken 2018
Jimmy The Angel James Arch Ritchie 2018
Stuck In The Woods Tyson Youlden 2018
The Darkest Treasure Island Victoria Hyun 2018
Lost Eliza Hockley 2018
The Unusual Street Mason Nichols 2018
The Drunken Warrior Corey Witcher 2018
Evil Just Got Ugly Jett Maude 2018
Adopting Lucas Kirilee Besant 2018
Finding The Perfect Story Starter Oliver Wilson 2018
Corone The Spotted-tailed Quoll Kaleb Miller 2018
A New Set Of Sparkles Laura Du Plessis 2018
The Lost Girl Jasmyn Wood 2018
Alien Invasion Beau Yates 2018
Life Shontae Harvey 2018
Sucker For You Grace Hensel 2018
“Humans And Androids” Abigail Stewart 2018
Curing A Disease Elissia Hurstfield 2018
Broad-headed SNAKE Joshua Persen 2018
Koala Hugs Vedha Vivek 2018
The Lost Home Of Yellow Bellied Gliders Katerina Krsteski 2018
The Broad-headed Snake Hendrix Dickson 2018
Koala Jordan Whawell 2018
The Broad-Headed Snake Lachlan Yelverton 2018
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