Entry NameStudentYear
Fallen Madeleine Stingel 2016
Fallen Selina Zhang 2017
Fallen Chloe Stephens 2019
Fallen Loganne Fox 2015
Fallen Sarah Moynan 2014
Fallen Leah Richards 2014
Fallen Cassie Goodie 2013
Fallen Belinda Yehson 2009
Fallen Siobhan Thomas 2011
Fallen Alyssa Williams 2011
Fallen Alexandria Del Gaudio 2011
Fallen Angel Cam Lu 2009
Fallen Angel Geofeni Robinson 2008
Fallen Angels Krystina Sammour 2018
Fallen Ashes Tess McMahon 2020
Fallen Ashes Daniel Gage 2010
Fallen Bloodline Sydney Keith 2017
Fallen Faerie Queen Aakanksha Yadav 2021
Fallen hero Nicholas Ang 2006
Fallen Hero Tim Barrett 2013
Fallen Kingdom Sarah Biggs 2018
Fallen Leaves Caitlin Walls 2011
Fallen Memories Zeah Locke 2015
Fallen One Isaac Kim 2021
Fallen rose Jade Conroy 2007
Fallen Shadows Georgina Cook 2010
Fallen Shadows Georgina Cook 2010
Fallen Soldier Caitlin Indrawan 2017
Fallen Star Jasmine Forrester 2008
Fallen Star Georgia Kennedy 2008
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