Entry NameStudentYear
Faded Revenge Elisha Bungaroo 2019
Faded. Elaine Li 2020
Fades To White Kelly Graham 2014
Fading India Harrison-mar 2014
Fading Oscar Rodgers 2013
Fading Brad Loudon 2010
Fading Ella Stauffer 2018
Fading Rama Emad 2018
Fading Away Rachel Foong 2015
Fading Darkness Kimberley Miller 2011
Fading Familiarity Lauren Barrett 2011
Fading Forest. Catherine Morgan 2021
Fading Friends. Michelle Fleischer 2014
Fading Light Jake Osmond 2015
Fading Light Cailyn Pajic 2019
Fading Light Beth Murray 2017
Fading Memories Audrey Sie 2017
Fading Memories Darcy Larkins 2017
Fading Memories Liam Hua 2011
Fading... Marley Mcgee 2012
Fae Anna Kitchen 2014
Fae Nikita Gilbert 2020
Faeries Penelope Burfitt 2008
Faeries And Trolls Sophie Field 2019
Faier Gabrielle Weine 2016
Failed Experiment Imogen-Maie Leary 2020
Failed Mission Ellen Sun 2015
Failed My Way To Success Sanjana Nambiar 2015
Failed Projection Emma Morris 2020
Failure Sungjoo Park 2019
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