Entry NameStudentYear
Haunted Ella Mcphail 2008
Haunted Naomi Skinner 2010
Haunted Alyce Cross 2010
Haunted Caitlin Crawford 2020
Haunted Connor Perry 2018
Haunted Maya Weiss 2016
Haunted Chloe Bannink 2016
Haunted Eliza Fletcher 2017
Haunted Lian Chen 2017
Haunted Luke Biniares 2017
Haunted Kareena Singh 2015
Haunted Anwen Perry 2015
Haunted April Dawson-bourke 2013
Haunted Cyrus Arona 2013
Haunted Adventure Student D 2018
Haunted Avenue Liana Kaddouh 2018
Haunted Birthday Natalie Skelhorn 2008
Haunted By Death Claudia Field 2011
Haunted By My Own Sister Nahida Hafza 2015
Haunted By Your Love Yulin He 2017
Haunted Cabin Ava Guldbransen 2019
Haunted Camp Megan Kappos 2011
Haunted Candles Aidan Liu 2017
Haunted Castle Sophie Vriens 2020
Haunted Castle Jeslyn Ong 2018
Haunted Castle Lauren Priestley 2021
Haunted Classroom Grace O’Reilly 2018
Haunted Computer/bedroom Daniel Tran 2020
Haunted Dare Yulin He 2016
Haunted Darkness Zach Ohara 2015
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