Entry NameStudentYear
Haunted Darkness Zach Ohara 2015
Haunted Decisions Kayla Peak 2015
Haunted Desert Naomi Saldanha 2015
Haunted Egypt Charlotte Mckendry 2017
Haunted Eyes Of A Past War Anjali Nadaradjane 2014
Haunted Friendship Lilli Jasko 2015
Haunted Fright Scarlett Macgowan 2017
Haunted Girl Leshelle Zebian 2015
Haunted Grave Yard Tyler Greacen 2015
Haunted Hallie Liliana Kranixfeld 2018
Haunted Halloween Olivia Lewis 2019
Haunted Halloween Lily Clarke 2019
Haunted Hallowen Nicholas Bayley 2020
Haunted Heart Annabelle Burrell 2014
Haunted Hill Kayla Morgan 2016
Haunted Hills Abigail Lumsden 2018
Haunted Horrors Niamh Fuller 2014
Haunted Hotel Theresa Ngyuen 2008
Haunted House Samantha Kelb 2008
Haunted House Angel Raju 2009
Haunted House Antoni Dunimagloski 2011
Haunted House Alexandra Miotto 2010
HAUNTED HOUSE Matthew Latter 2010
Haunted House Lara Tolomeo 2010
Haunted House Kerem Cetinkaya 2012
Haunted House Jean-Pierre N 2012
Haunted House Jake Millar 2013
Haunted House Sarah Roberts 2013
Haunted House Georgina Mulley 2013
HAUNTED HOUSE Graycie Dall 2014
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