Entry NameStudentYear
Hallowed Ground Tawanda Mugwendere 2022
Halloween Chanel Van Der Lugt 2021
Halloween Lachlan Reaper 2019
Halloween Rory Burge 2017
Halloween Ellouise Angelucci 2016
Halloween Shequira Vang 2016
Halloween Tucker Barany 2015
Halloween Pariss Hayes 2015
Halloween Abbie Turner 2014
Halloween Nethmi Wanigasekara 2015
Halloween Cohen Flannery 2015
Halloween Chris Kocx 2010
Halloween Kate Opie 2009
Halloween Kiera North 2009
Hallowe'en Breea Jenner 2016
Halloween 2018 - A True Story Jane Cullinan 2019
Halloween Adventure Ruby Sanchez 2017
Halloween Alive Anahat Kaur Brar 2021
Halloween At Disneyland Grace Simpson 2017
Halloween Catastrophe Jonah Farag 2021
Halloween Disater Sarah Pursche 2013
Halloween Duel Zane Freeman 2020
Halloween Fever Cameron Smith 2008
Halloween Forest Monster Amber Fewings 2015
Halloween Fright Piya Mohal 2021
Halloween Granny Arielle Melamed 2017
Halloween Hijinks Zoe Fletcher 2015
Halloween Horror Brendan Machado 2014
Halloween Horror Elinor Sequitin 2007
Halloween Horror Mollie Backhouse 2022
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