Entry NameStudentYear
I Sam Belin 2007
I Am A Pirate Racquel Ritchie 2007
I Absolutely HATE Dancing Alishia Rouget 2010
I Admire Myself In The Mirror Finn Cowan 2019
I Always Wanted Super Power But Never In One Million Years Did I Think It Would Be Herwyn Narraidoo 2016
I Always Wanted To Be Chelsea Nicolaou 2019
I Always Win Tamara Carling 2017
I Am Tahlia Morris 2018
I Am Airlie Smith 2021
I Am Alyssa Carney 2016
I Am Wynter Grainger 2015
I Am Mia Sandgren 2010
I Am Gabriella Janetzki 2012
I Am $5 Yelena Xu 2017
I Am 12. Taleah Cook 2019
I Am A Bird. Kaitlyn Daniels 2015
I Am A Boy From The 1850s Haresh Ellinavaalu 2019
I Am A Cheeky Ant Alice Lane 2011
I Am A Convict Katie Williams 2013
I Am A Convict Ela Gulhan 2015
I Am A Dessert Alexis O'Neill 2019
I Am A Doll In A Shop Ramya Krishnan 2015
I Am A Dreamer And A Believer Lily Clarke-england 2012
I Am A Drought Michael Liu 2018
I Am A Fox Izzy Rose 2020
I Am A Hero Tonight Aisha-jayne Stephens 2020
I Am A Hurricane Amy Tristram 2011
I Am A Leaf. Aleisha Baker 2009
I Am A Legend Ragheed Jamil 2021
I am a little school girl Kiara Bendotti 2006
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