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I Hate Japanese Emily Perkin 2016
I hate maths Louisa Mazzarolo 2006
I Hate Mice MacAllister Akrigg 2015
I Hate Mr. Prong! Bella Henry 2012
I HATE MY MUM! Sophie Paton 2019
I Hate Orange Kate Upton 2011
I Hate Running! Maddison Taffe 2009
I Hate School Jackson Lindsay 2007
I Hate School Sport Taylor Coghlan 2012
I Hate Spaghetti Kelly Yu 2017
I Hate Teleports Lela Eder 2015
I Hate That Man !!!! Georgie Rollino 2011
I Hate The Hospital Greta Hardwick 2018
I Hate To Break It To You Buddy! Caitlin Furlong 2017
I Hate Water Qian Pan 2012
I Hate Wednesday Laura Woodham 2019
I Hate Weekends!!!!! Mary Huang 2008
I Hate What Mum Cooks For Dinner Jett Barker 2019
I Hate Word Limits! Jasmine Hing 2018
I hate writing Darren Taing 2006
I Hate Writing Nelson Martin 2014
I Hate You Baillie French 2019
I Hated Gabrielle, I Did. Madisyn Banks 2017
I Have A Disability Megan Hau 2014
I Have A Dog Name Pepper Lawson Mccann 2016
I Have A Dream Amira Sabih 2018
I Have A Pet Snake Lachlan Westcott 2007
I Have Been Framed Macka Gleeson 2015
I Have Business Callie Rickard 2013
I Have Chosen To Write A Short Story That Is Centred Upon The Topic Of Education – To Educate Individuals On The Unseen Ramifications Of The Sacrifices Taken By Our Soldiers, The PTSD And Mental Illnesses That Came Along With The Physical Wounds For Many Of Our People. My Story Depicts The Hardships Faced On The Battlefields By Soldiers, The Life They Gave Up To Serve Our Country. Sophie Lai 2018
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