Entry NameStudentYear
Madam Sweet Plums Tessa Nielsen 2019
Maddie Giselle Kinaan 2017
Maddie And Malinda: Puppy Rescue Malinda Cracknell 2008
Maddie Is More Than Meets The Eye Sarah Morrow 2015
Maddie Matthews Diary Jessica Greet 2011
Maddie The Blue Whale Georgia Wilson 2009
Maddie The Brave Chook Madlen Jones 2007
Maddie The Fairy Jessica Purcell 2009
Maddies Big Day Jana Vassiliou 2017
Maddie's Diary Layla Kennelly 2016
Maddison's Letter Sarah Waring 2016
Maddy Molly Earle 2018
Maddy And Her Fire Fightng Cat Flynn Wear 2011
Maddy And Her Fire Fightng Cat Flynn Wear 2011
Maddy The Owl Alice Darby 2015
Maddy’s Magnificent Ice-cream Jessica Mudge 2014
Maddy's Masterchef Lilly Carpenter 2019
Made It Through The Day Sinead Boss 2016
Made Of Sand Cassandra Raulinaitis 2013
Made With Love Isabelle Kimenyi 2020
Madeleine Heart Madeleine Wenmohs 2017
Madeline Charlotte Veldman 2018
MADELINE Lara Sulenta 2020
Madeline Danielle Kaslar 2014
Madeline Quinn Finlayson 2007
Madeline Coleson Samantha Blowfield 2011
Madeline Groves Grace Mitchell 2018
Madeline The Mermaid Molly Venables 2013
Madeline, My Love Natasha Williams 2018
Madeline's Life Nicole Yammouni 2013
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