Entry NameStudentYear
U.F.O Riley O'neill 2015
U.F.O Judah Hobbs 2016
U.F.O. (Unavoidable Family Outing) Chloe Miller 2007
U.k the land of the hero Rhys Woodberry 2007
UA High School Sienna West 2020
Uber Eagles-not Your Classic Transport Oliver Bruno 2019
UC Caitlin Jones 2017
Uelam And The Dragon Saoirse Cattell 2021
UFO Jessica Roach 2008
UFO Joel Houghton 2010
UFO Wern Mak 2010
UFO (Unidentified Freaky Objects) Andrew Carr 2007
UFO At My Local Pool Sara Wardak 2013
UFO In My Backyard Clinton Strauss 2016
UFO Narrative Liz Laurie 2010
Uganda's Rebel Child Army (True Story) Bethanie Poole 2011
Ugly Connie Andrew 2010
Ugly Elizabeth Baldwin 2013
Ugly Tyson Foster 2008
Ugly Olivia Wise 2018
Ugly Marcus Verdicchio 2020
Ugly Lies Lucie Wheeler 2020
Ugly Lies Leave Ugly Scars Nicole Kapsokavadis 2013
Ugly Truth Joseph Nguyen 2011
Ugly Witch Maxwell Shao 2017
Uh Oh! Danielle Apidopoulos 2014
Uh oh, yoyo Reid Amos 2005
Uj's Life Uj Tapaui 2010
Ukraine Crisis Claire Ping 2022
Ukranian Samleen Kaur 2022
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