Entry NameStudentYear
Vampire Eyes Eleanor Howes 2013
Vampire Eyes Eleanor Howes 2013
Vampire Friend Gabrielle Barry 2014
Vampire Girl Abriana Doherty 2016
Vampire Girl Bianca Unwin 2016
Vampire House Addis O'Loughlin 2020
Vampire Kisses Zofia Laxton 2010
Vampire Knight Jack Hamilton 2015
Vampire Mutt Brigid Brennan 2013
Vampire Night Nathan Takchi 2013
Vampire Secrets Caitlin Ryman 2015
Vampire That Lives In An Igloo Tyra Vutoni 2013
Vampire Valley Abigail Moore 2012
Vampire Vendetta Chloe Whitton 2013
Vampire Venom Tamika Sewer 2011
Vampire Vs Zombies 2 (start) Kyle Macfarlane 2015
Vampire Zac Bites Back! Zac Di Bartolomeo 2021
Vampires Tahliyah Patti-rosenquist 2015
Vampires Alain Truong 2013
Vampires Leiah Herrington 2010
Vampires Jessica Yap 2008
Vampires Joshua Kern 2007
Vampires And Elmo Kailey Mountney 2012
Vampires And Werewolves Travel Through Time Ethan Currie 2016
Vampires In Lolly Land Kristen Cook 2015
Vampire's Love Emily Zhang 2023
Vampires V Demons Katelyn Hume 2009
Vampirism:A Story Kyhal Segreto 2009
Vandrookna Jago Williams 2012
Vanessa Hill Jye Taylor 2009
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