Entry NameStudentYear
Waiting For My Father Nikita Olsson 2008
Waiting For The 5:15 James Keane 2012
Waiting For The Arrival Declan O'Regan 2013
Waiting For The Beach Sari Bannon 2017
Waiting For The Train Nicholas O'loughlan 2009
Waiting For The Whistle Alexander Senese-jones 2015
Waiting For The Writing Crystal Russom 2009
Waiting For Water Annelise Everingham 2018
Waiting For You Claire Wurster 2016
WAITING FOR YOU Karthika Pamidimarri 2016
Waiting For You Gloria Rivadeneira Pino 2020
Waiting For You Sankalpa Gurung 2008
Waiting Hearts Natasha Church 2014
Waiting In The Car Emma Uth 2019
Waiting Of The Trees Rebecca Francis 2016
Waiting On 5th Avenue Alissa Burton 2018
Waiting Patiently Holly Cohen 2009
Waiting Patiently. Holly Cohen 2008
Waiting To Be Beautiful Jess Furlani 2009
Waiting To Be Found Kirsten Mercieca 2013
Waiting... Chloe Henshall 2017
Waiting...Waiting...Waiting Lauren Wise 2013
Wake Me Up Amy Xie 2014
Wake Me Up Alissa Mai 2018
Wake Me Up When I'm All Better. Makayla Vickers 2019
Wake Me Up When September Ends Dylan Kliendienst 2010
Wake Of The Dead Christina Lombardi 2007
Wake Up Kelsie Coburn 2013
Wake Up Jackson Peagham 2020
Wake Up Jorja Rowe 2016
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